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Ludosport UK is proud to announce

that Ian ‘Nuntis’ Jukes has been promoted to Master Sabersmith for the UK!  He will be working alongside the UK’s Quarter Master Guy ‘Rogue Otter’ Wilson to grow and develop the UK’s Jedi Research Department (JRD).

We asked Ian how he felt about his promotion and he told us.

“I am looking forward to the new challenge and have been preparing by herding cats and sharpening my green crayon for all the paperwork.”

What does this mean for you?

Well this means that over the next few weeks Ian will begin recruiting new researchers to join the JRD , as well as announcing new training for existing members to increase their responsibilities.

And if I’m not in the JRD?

Then it simply means that everything you need that revolves around Light Sabers, certifications, advice on suppliers etc will be much more efficient.

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